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About Briana Elise

My Name, My Brand

I am a senior at Cleveland State University majoring in Journalism. Though my concentration is on news and sports, I have a huge passion for projects that involve poetry.

I love making people laugh and spending time with my family. I am constantly seeking to learn as much as I can and better myself. Ultimately, I wish to tell stories that make people feel and change the way they think.


Heard Around Town

I had her in my multimedia journalism class and got to know her both as a reliable student and someone dedicated toward developing career opportunities. 

Rich Exner, cleveland.com

There are so many great details in her work. She tells stories that have just the right emotional tone. She has good ideas and a good gut instinct.

Rachel Dissel, The Plain Dealer

Briana is a thoughtful, motivated and engaged student. She was always diligent and willing to go the extra mile to improve her reporting and writing.

Harlan Spector, Cleveland State


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Briana Elise